Your Data Might Have Been Compromised (Again), Kiple Warns Users Of Possible Third-Party Breach

Users of Kiple Visa Prepaid Cards might have their information stolen by a potential third-party data breach.
(credit: Kiplepay/ freepik)

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Another day, another report of a data breach. Just a few days ago, we covered the news that iPay88, the payment solution company, might have been compromised as well. Now there’s a new one. Are Malaysian companies more susceptible to hacks?

In a news report by The Star, an e-Wallet company, Kiple, has informed users through email of a possible third-party data breach, of which the company claims it just learned.

Kiple is a subsidiary of Green Packet, they debuted in 2018. In order to encourage students to ditch cash and companies to expedite e-payment alternatives, the company launched the Kiple Visa Prepaid Card in 2021.

We were told that your Kiple Visa Prepaid Card might have been compromised. Therefore, we are currently engaging data forensic and security experts to conduct investigations which are currently ongoing.

On top of that, we would also like to assure you that we have taken the necessary steps to heighten all risk mitigation measures to ensure the increased security of your transactions.


According to the company, users who may have been impacted by the suspected data breach or who may have seen any strange behaviour in their Kiple accounts during the forensic investigation will be notified and it has fraud prevention technologies to keep an eye on questionable activity to protect users.

If you notice something unusual with your account, you can contact Kiple at 03-3000 8929 or email

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