Malaysia Is Getting Apple Pay Real Soon… Definitely

A telco Selangor may have jumped the gun and announced the arrival of Apple Pay ahead of time.

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Yesterday everyone noticed that an Apple Pay option appeared on Shopee Malaysia. It raised our hopes that the feature is coming to our shores soon. Now another has signalled its pending arrival. 

Today, Twitter user @riisams posted a photo of a sign that says “Apple Pay accepted here” which he said he spotted at a Maxis centre that’s probably in the Klang Valley area.

The folks at who reported the finding tried to find the signage at a Maxis centre near their offices but couldn’t find it. Last month one of their forum members posted that they have received a text from AmBank that they can use Apple Pay. However, the link that appeared in the short message was a dead end. 

Another compelling proof that Apple Pay is coming to Malaysia soon is in the changes we saw in the Apple Wallet app on iOS 16 Beta 2.

On iOS 15, an iPhone user in Malaysia would get the option to add boarding passes and tickets to the app. But, on iOS 16 Beta 2, we are greeted with “Get Started With Apple Pay” instead.

(left) Apple Wallet on iOS15. (right) Apple Wallet on iOS 16.

Tapping add pops-up a small blurb on how to add cards to Wallet by looking for the “Add to Wallet button in apps.

This tells us that perhaps the feature will be available when iOS 16 is launched instead.

It does seem that Apple Pay’s arrival in Malaysia is inevitable but the question is when? Based on the clues we’ve got, we should know more about Apple Pay coming to Malaysia, so stay with us and we’ll keep you posted.

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