Malaysia Is Getting Apple Pay Real Soon… Probably

Option to pay appeared in Shopee Malaysia

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Apple Pay is a feature that lets iPhones and Apple Watch users make payments by tapping their devices at a payment terminal, just like a debit or credit card. It is also a payment system that can be used when making payments online.

While our neighbours in Singapore have had the feature for a while now, there have been hints that the coveted feature is coming to Malaysia soon.

The most compelling and recent hint that the feature is making it across the Straits of Johor is a new option in Shopee Malaysia.

When choosing your payment methods, you will see a new ninth payment option: Apple Pay.

And nope, the option does not appear on Lazada.

It is not functioning yet and it is not listed in the Shopee help centre. However, That doesn’t dash our hopes that the feature will be available to Malaysians real soon, perhaps even before the iOS 16 and Apple Watch 9 update that’s expected to launch this September.

Once we get this feature, not only will we enjoy the same Apple features as users in Singapore, we would have a leg up on them because we have Apple Fitness+ which they don’t.

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