DAP Is Selling 8,888 ‘Sheraton Move’ NFT Pictures To Raise Funds For GE15

There will be 8,888 pictures from the infamous political event up for sale as NFTs and real pictures to raise money for the next general election.
(credit: Malay Mail)

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Just last week, we have covered news where Tun Dr. Mahathir will have its own NFT for sale. But the opposition party, DAP, has decided to up the game by offering NFTs and real pictures to go with it. So you are actually getting something tangible instead of just lines of code that only exist on the internet.

A report by Malay Mail says that for the upcoming general election, which many believe will be announced this year, the DAP is looking to raise RM 1 million. They offered for sale 8,888 pictures relating to the contentious “Sheraton Move” to get the money they need.

This is probably the first time such a project is launched in Malaysia, perhaps the entire region. We have had political parties or politicians’ NFT projects but those are entirely digital.

But we are a bit unique because we are not only offering the NFT as digital art. We are offering NFT by liberating NFT technology to allow members of the public to co-own one particular asset, in this case, a physical ‘Langkah Sheraton’ painting.

Damansara MP, Tony Pua

You can buy it on Polygon, Opensea.io and Rarible.com and according to Pua, there will be four tiers of rarity (this feels like getting loots in RPGs). There are only 88 ultra-rare designs in tier one, 400 rare designs in tier two, 2,400 limited designs in tier three, and 6,000 original edition designs in tier four.

The NFTs will be open for sale on 31 August and will be available for 45 MATIC (around RM 173.50, at the time of writing) per design. MATIC is a cryptocurrency. This sounds like, regardless of rarity, all designs will cost the same.

Will you be getting one for your collection?

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