PDRM Monitoring Social Media Activities Tied To “New Malaysia” Agenda, Worries That It Might Influence Malaysians

Police noted that the spread of fake news is rampant nowadays and it threatens the country’s harmony.
(credit: Malay Mail)

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Social media sites may be a great resource for communicating with people around the world and keeping yourself updated with the latest news. However, it may also be extremely risky and used to disseminate false information for those with malicious intent.

In a report by The Star, according to Bukit Aman Special Branch director, Datuk Seri Zamri Yahya, there are attempts by some irresponsible parties to establish new agendas, like New Malaysia, are susceptible of igniting open racial tension.

He claimed that in addition to employing more traditional techniques, they also use social media as a means for disseminating information to the public.

The current trend of abusing social media is very worrying, especially in the spread of fake news, misunderstanding and to achieve distortion. Social media abuse will influence new thinking among the public who will reject the existing system.

People are getting confused and distorted due to misinformation, which in turn threatens the country’s harmony.

Bukit Aman Special Branch Director, Datuk Seri Zamri Yahya

Always make careful to check the sources and look for further information whenever you come across news or information that doesn’t seem right. Never blindly believe anything you read online.

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