LHDN Has A New App, GeoHASiL Which Lets You Better Manage Your Taxes

This app allows people to have easier access to all things related to taxes.
(credit: LHDN)

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Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN/HASiL) or Inland Revenue Board has launched a new app to facilitate stronger enforcement and to increase the rate of voluntary tax compliance among Malaysians.

With the aid of its internal expertise, HASiL has created a new initiative to make it simpler for its officers to carry out their responsibilities. The app assists HASiL in carrying out its responsibilities as the nation’s direct tax administrator by collecting intelligence, tracking, enforcing laws, and providing tax education.

The Lawatan Banci Bisnes (LBB) method, which was previously performed manually, will be able to be conducted digitally and online with the help of the GeoHASiL, and the mapping of business locations in a locality will make use of Google Maps. Additionally, GPS tracking has been developed so that users may view their present location and the information obtained can be saved for analysis and future use.

The usage of the GeoHASiL application, in accordance with HASiL Chief Executive Officer of Kuantan Branch, Datuk Mohd Nizom Sairi, aims to simplify the way HASiL functions in a more current and up-to-date manner based on the accuracy of the data gathered. This app can also more effectively and practically save, present, analyse, and process data relevant to localities. Additionally, he noted that because the app is always accessible, both users and officers may save time, and GeoHASiL is a trustworthy and paperless method of data collecting.

At the time of writing, HASiL didn’t specify where users could download the app from.

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