Scammers Difficult To Nab Because Of Ever Advancing Technology

Other factors include geography and the scammer’s remote mode of operation.
(credit: Max Bender / Unsplash)

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Scammers are using technology and creative modes of operation to elude authorities and it seems to be working. 

A source told Utusan Malaysia that syndicates are using organisational structure and technology to maintain minimum contact from each other to escape prosecution. 

They explained that WhatsApp instant messaging and social networks are used as tools to recruit accomplices and communicate with them leaving little to no trace.

The source said that any capture or arrest mostly involved the low level worker and not the head of the operation. 

They added that despite all the efforts to educate the public, most people panic when they receive a call from someone claiming that they are from the authority. Also known as a Macau Scam. 

Another strategy the syndicate uses to escape capture is geography. They said that the Macau Scams that are active in Malaysia are targeting those in Singapore, China, and India but are based in another country.

They said that Macau Scammers that are targeting Malaysians are believed to be operating in Cambodia, Thailand, and China. 

This is one of the factors why it is difficult to get evidence against the scammers. Either the perpetrators are abroad or the victims are abroad.

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