iMovie 3.0 Is Out. Now With Storyboards & Magic Movie

The new features include guided story boards for 20 different types of videos and instant custom videos.

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Apple today announced that the new version of iMovie is now available to download from the Apple App Store. 

The free app is a powerful, capable, and easy video editor designed for aspiring movie makers and content creators.

While the previous version of the app requires some creativity to unlock its full potential, iMovie 3.0 comes with two new features: Storyboards and Movie Magic, both introduced to help the average user create better-looking videos. 

Make Better Videos With Storyboards

Storyboards can be used to help beginners learn to edit and improve their storytelling skills with 20 different storyboards for a variety of popular video types, including cooking tutorials, Q&As, product reviews, news reports, and more. 

Each storyboard has a shot list that guides you through the process of how and what clip to shoot for the video that they want to make. 

Of course, shots can be added, reordered, and deleted from a storyboard as needed. 

As you gain confidence, you can experiment further by applying different video styles, layouts, fonts, filters, and more. 

You could also adjust the fit of the music, and refine the video further with editing tools like trim, split, clip speed, and clip volume. 

Instant Videos With Magic Movie

Magic Movie is a feature that helps you create beautiful custom videos with just a few taps.

Just select an album or any group of photos or images from the library, and Magic Movie will do the rest and create a video complete with titles, transitions, and music.

You can also rearrange or delete clips in the simplified Magic Movie shot list if you want to. 

Styles can be added to change up the look and feel of the entire video. Like Storyboard videos, Magic Movies can be shared from iMovie via Messages, Mail, and social media.

I Wish We Had This Sooner

As someone who has been learning to edit videos on iMovie, I am particularly excited about the Storyboard feature. It looks to be a great learning tool in addition to being a guide for the amateur home videographer.

I bet kids who aspire to make their videos would love it. I would. 

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