Annuar Musa Shared Pictures Of What Could Be The RM750 Student Tablet

Registration for the PerantiSiswa Keluarga Malaysia programme will open on 15 April.

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Tan Seri Annuar Musa in a tweet revealed what could be the table meant for the PerantiSiswa Keluarga Malaysia programme.

“K-KOMM is working hard to prepare an online application portal for PerantiSiswa which is expected to open on the 15th. Procurement matters are also being managed by K-KOMM and MOF.”

Annuar Musa / Twitter.

The photo, which the Communications and Multimedia Minister (menKOMM) labelled as “for illustration purposes only”, looks like a small tablet on its side, in a chiclet keyboard cover sleeve, with a huge stylus looped on the side. 

From what we can see, everything about the tablet seems to fit the criteria that the government announced last month.

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The device looks like it came from the early 2000’s during the netbook craze. From our experience, devices like this are more of a hassle than a convenience. 

The keyboard seems to be a Bluetooth device which means the whole set needs two chargers.

As for the stylus, it looks like an unpowered device with a large tip, a tacked on feature to meet the government’s requirements perhaps?

The lack of any branding tells us that even the makers of the device could be embarrassed by it. 

However, these are just our speculations, we don’t know all the specifications of the tablet, just the minimum requirements as outlined by the government. 

What we do know is Annuar is using what looks to be a Samsung Galaxy Fold3. 

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