JAKIM’s LGBTQ+ Conversion App Pulled From Google Play Store

Although not available for download, Hijrah Diri is still available as a web app.
(credit: Jakim / Twitter)

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In the second week of March, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) tweeted out that they, in cooperation with Yayasan Ihtimam Malaysia, have released the Hijrah Diri app. 

The app contains curated stories, recitations, supplications, and dhikr (remembrances) including wite papers and audio lectures that JAKIM said is aimed to help those in the LGBT+ community “return to innocence”. 

The app was available on Google Play until it was pulled from the Android platform this week.

According to The Guardian, Google said “whenever an app is flagged to us, we investigate against our Play store policies and if violations are found we take appropriate action to maintain a trusted experience for all.”

This means that the app survived Google’s vetting process but was taken down because of user’s complaints. 

A Twitter user pointed out that the Hijrah Diri app is a security hazard and required almost total access to its user’s device. 

Not only does it require camera access, it also requests for location, microphone, telephone, storage, and other miscellaneous permission that has nothing to do with the app’s functions. 

A campaign to flag the app was also launched.

Despite all that, the app still survives as a web app and can be accessed here.

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