Here’s What You Get If You Update Your iOS to 15.4

Apple kept their promise and released updates for their device this week
(credit: Apple)

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iOS 15.4 is out this week just like Tim Cook said siding the latest Apple Event. The update has been out to beta testers for a while now, to make sure that it works on all compatible devices as intended. 

Here is the official list of new feature you will get if you update your iPhone to iOS 15.4

Face ID with a mask

  • Yes, you can actually unlock your compatible iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask. Without an Apple Watch. 
  • It works by recognising features around your eyes.
  • It can be used to unlock the iPhone, complete transactions with Apple Pay, and autofilling passwords in apps and Safari. 
  • This new feature works with iPhone 12 and later.  

A New Way Start SharePlay 

  • SharePlay lets you share experiences while on a FaceTime call. 
  • With the update users can start SharePlay from FaceTime or directly from supported apps. 

Siri voice

  • Siri now has a new voice for English speakers.
  • The new Siri voice uses Neural Text to Speech technology to sound more natural. 

New emoji

  • iOS 15.4 updates bring more than 37 new emoji, including faces, hand gestures, and household objects. 
  • Users can now choose separate skin tones for each hand in the handshake emoji too. 

Additional Features

  • Safari webpage translation adds support for Italian and Traditional Chinese. 
  • Podcasts app adds episode filters for seasons, played, unplayed, saved, or downloaded episodes.
  • Live Text can be added to Notes and Reminders apps using the camera. 
  • Camera in keyboard can be used while in the Notes and Reminders apps to copy and paste text. 
  • Shortcuts now supports adding, removing, or querying tags with Reminders. 
  • Emergency SOS settings have changed to use Call with Hold for all users. 
  • Audio hints in Fitness+ provide audio cues of visually demonstrated moves during workouts to better support users who are Blind or low-vision.

Meanwhile you can also now enable Universal Control on macOS and iPadOS. First, update the OS, then go to your Mac’s System Preferences, click on Displays, select Universal Control, and choose from any of the three settings available.

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