Maybank Will Stop Using SMS TAC from 8 March

That means you’ll have to activate the Secure2u feature to do transfers with Maybank.

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The M2U MY and MAE app has been a lifesaver, especially during the height of the pandemic. It enabled Maybank customers to do almost every bank transaction from transfers to paying bills.

Recently Maybank tweeted that they are improving the security of their online banking by moving away from SMS TAC to Secure2u for authorising 3rd party and interbank transfers starting 8 March.

Unlike Secure2U SMS TAC is more susceptible to man in the middle attacks. That means all a malicious actor needs to do to fake a transfer is to intercept the SMS.

However, by moving to Secure2u, Maybank customers will need to activate the feature on the  MAE or M2U MY app. No smartphone and no app means no transfers.

Activating Secure 2u is easy. Just go to settings, tap Secure 2u, and tap Activate now if you are on the MAE app or Next on the M2U MY app on your device. Then follow the instructions.

You’ll also need to enter your password, NRIC number, get an SMS TAC one last time, and name the device. Secure2u only works on the device you authorise.

After that, you’re all set. The next time you do a transaction, you’ll get a notification on the app. The transaction will only go through if you approve it.

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