PlayStation VR2 Is Very Rounded Is Very White

This is only the first look so details are scarce.
(credit: PlayStation)

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The PlayStation VR2 headset and Sense controller has finally been revealed. While we wished Sony would announce that they would be making more Playstation 5s instead, this is still exciting news. 

So here’s what’s new with the PlayStation VR2 according to a blog post by PlayStation Platform Experience senior vice president, Hideaki NIshino:

  • Both the headset and the controller have a similar “orb” look  that represents the 360-degree view of the VR experience. 
  • Lens adjustment dials give users the option to match the lens distance to their eyes. 
  • It is lighter compared to the PlayStation VR.
  • It has motors for headset feedback (it vibrates).
  • New ventilation design for airflow and comfort.
  • Tiny PlayStation on the front and back bands. – Hopefully they won’t leave a mark.
  • 4K HDR.
  • New graphics rendering technology.
  • Enhanced tracking with inside-out camera.
  • Connects to the PS5 using a single cord.

There are no details about the price and availability of the head set, but we know that you will still need headphones or earbuds to get that full VR immersion experience. 

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