The Samsung S22 Series Phones Will Have Components Made From Fishnets

It is unclear what parts of the upcoming smartphone will be made from the ocean-bound plastics.

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It is no secret that Samsung will be unveiling its next wave of smartphones at the Galaxy Unpacked Event at midnight on Thursday.

The highly anticipated Galaxy S22 series is expected to set the new bar for design, performance, and features in Android smartphones.

But one thing that no one predicted is that some of the components in the S22 series smartphone will be made from some of the 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets that are discarded each year.

When left unchecked, the plastic detritus that is left in the sea would affect natural habitats, marine life, and end up in people’s food and water sources.

However, it is still unknown how these plastics are being used in the upcoming S22 series smartphones.

As is, packaging for Samsung’s recent smartphones and devices contains almost no plastic at all.

Since last year the company aimed to include using recycled material across all its new mobile products, eliminating all plastics in mobile packaging, and minimising waste generated at its worksites by 2025.

The initiative is called Galaxy for the Planet.

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