Check Your Twitter, Does It Have A Downvote Button Yet?

Twitter is now testing out the downvote button worldwide.
(credit: Twitter)

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Twitter today announced that they are letting more people, world wide, test their upcoming download reply feature. 

The goal of the feature is to let the best replies float to the top and the nonsense be pushed under. 

If you’ve seen this feature, it’s probably not on your mobile device. 

Twitter says that more folks on the web will get the feature while iOS and Android users will only get them soon. 

Just like downvotes on YouTube, you won’t see how many people didn’t like a reply. 

According to Twitter, those who have tested the feature so far said that they clicked the down arrow because the reply was either perceived as offensive, not relevant, or both.

It also said that testers agree the feature improved their quality of conversation on Twitter.


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