JPJ’s Automated Driving Test System Is Not What You Think It Is

(credit: JPJ Johor / Facebook)

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The Road Transport Department (JPJ)’s soon to be implemented automated driving test is simpler than the name suggests.

It doesn’t use VR or immersive simulators. So what is it?

JPJ’s director-general, Datuk Kailani Hashim recently announced that the e-testing system is expected to launch in April, in time with the department’s 76th anniversary.

JPJ director-general, Datuk Kailani Hashim. (credit: JPJ / Facebook)

He explains that the new system is almost the same as the old system. It will still involve class learning, circuit, and road sessions.

The only difference is that the officer will be sitting in a control room, monitoring the candidates remotely during the circuit portion road tests.

That means the officer will not be physically there to monitor the slope test, 3-point turn, reverse parking, and parallel parking tests.

(credit: JPJ Johor)

Everything else will remain the same.

It seems like a small change but the impact is expected to be huge.

The new e-testing system reduces the number of officers needed to conduct a test from seven to two.

(credit: JPJ Johor / Facebook)

It also expedites the test results from two weeks to real-time.

Of course, it has been done in another country before. Kailani says that e-testing has been used in countries like South Korea and Japan.

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