You May Soon See High Production Quality Content Made With Zoom

Zoom acquires Liminal assets and the ability to connect to production-grade hardware and applications.

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Zoom, yes the app we used for remote meetings, recently announced in a blog post that it “recently acquired certain assets from Liminal, a startup company that offers event production solutions built largely on Zoom’s SDK”.

Liminal created two add-ons: ZoomOSC for professional-grade audio and ZoomISO for professional-grade multi-stream video.

With Liminal, Zoom hopes to become the choice application for creative production, broadcasting, and live events with the inclusion.

Although we have seen Zoom being used to add virtual audiences to live streaming events before, its application in the production of those shows was limited. 

With the acquisition, we might soon see professionally made live shows, concerts and more live events that have high production value and are made using Zoom. 

Meanwhile, Zoom also touts that it has added features to its Zoom Video Webinars, launched Zoom Events, and Zoom Event services all in 2021.

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