There’s Going To Be Metal Gear Art On A Magic: The Gathering Card Next Year

Yoji Shinkawa is doing a special edition card for Kamigawa: Shining World.

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Art by the lead character and mecha designer for the Metal Gear franchise will be featured on a special edition Magic: The Gathering’s (M:TG) card in its next big expansion. 

The official Japanese Magic: The Gathering Twitter account announced that Yoji Shinkawa, the man behind the iconic look of the Metal Gear franchise, is a guest artist in the upcoming Kamigawa: Shining World expansion.

The expansion is set to be released on 18 Feb 2022.

M:TG is the longest-running trading card game in the world. Imagine it like chess with simple base rules, but played with very complicated, expensive, and sometimes hard to get pieces that you can get randomly from packs (collectable cards). 

Some consider it one of the original and most popular pay-to-win games that are still played today.  

Yoji Shinkawa art will adorn the box topper version of “Satoru Umezama”, a 2/4 Blue Black Legendary Human Ninja.

That means you’ll have to purchase a whole box (36 packs) of Kamigawa: Shining World booster packs (random packs of 15 cards) for a chance to get this card. 

To be fair, Yoji draws very cool cyborg ninjas.

His work on Metal Gear, the critically acclaimed and highly popular tactical espionage action video game by Hideo Kojima back when he was with Konami, became the signature look of the franchise.

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