Don’t Get Cheated, Know The Price Of Essential Groceries With MyPrice Dashboard

MyPrice Dashboard was developed by DOSM and KPDNHEP.
(credit: nrd on Unsplash)

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Next time, before you go out and buy groceries check out the MyPrice Dashboard, a web tool that lists down all the daily price changes of selected essential goods from all over Malaysia.

As is, the dashboard is a bit tricky to navigate. The price list is divided into four main categories: chicken, beef and eggs; vegetables; fish and seafood and fruits.

Once you click a category, you’ll be welcomed with a large table of numbers. It can be overwhelming.

Use the drop-down menu up top to make your life easier. Pick an item and a state, and the table will shrink considerably, making it easier to navigate. 

The latest prices will be listed in the rightmost column. 

You can also view it all as a chart, but we think it is even more confusing.

Right now it has 36 selected essential goods, including 12 goods under the Keluarga Malaysia Maximum Price Scheme (SHMKM). 

Sample prices are taken from 137 selected outlets throughout Malaysia.

MyPrice Dashboard was developed by the Department of Statistics (DOSM) in collaboration with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP).

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