This App Lets Android Users See If They Are Being Tracked By AirTags

Apple released the Tracker Detect app to curb high tech stalking for Android users.
(Credit: Đức Trịnh/Unsplash).

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Apple recently released an app on the Google Play Store that allows Android users to detect unfamiliar AirTag and Find My enabled devices.

Tracker Detect works by using Apple’s Find My network to look for compatible devices that are not connected to its owners.

It is also a solution to the issue where AirTags are being used my unscrupulous actors to secretly track people.

The app will also guide users on how to disable the tracker by removing the battery.

However, the app require its users to manually activate the scanning feature. This means that the app will not constantly scan for orphan AirTags unlike iOS devices.

(Credit: Tracker Detect).

The Tracker Detect app is available in the Google Play Store now.

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