SharePlay Is Now On macOS Monterey

Macs can finally join the fun and SharePlay with other Apple Devices.

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Update your Macs because macOS Monterey is out and it can now do SharePlay right on their Mac.

That means users can bring TV shows, movies, music, and more into their FaceTime calls on Mac, or even share their screen. It’s something users of iPads and iPhones have had for a while.

SharePlay works best with Apple’s services like Apple TV+ and Apple Music. But more developers are adding support for the feature.

Alongside SharePlay, today’s update includes new safety features for children and parents in Messages, redesigned Memories in Photos, and more.

So how do I SharePlay?

To use SharePlay on your Mac you need to be on a FaceTime call. Then open the app you want to share in the call. In the menu bar, click the FaceTime button, then click the Screen Share button.

At this point you can choose to share an app window by selecting “Choose Window” and clicking on the window you want to share. Or you can share the whole screen by selecting “Choose Screen.”

To stop sharing, click the FaceTime button in the menu bar and click the Stop Sharing button.

How About For Apple TV & Music?

The method is the same if you want to use SharePlay to watch a show or movie on Apple TV together or listen to music on the Music app together.

With Apple TV, just launch the app and start watching something. Everyone on the call can have access to the playback control and the volume will adjust automatically as those in the call start talking.

It’s the same thing with the Music app, but everyone also gets to manage a shared playlist and see the lyrics, if it’s available for that particular song.

One More Thing

SharePlay can also be used to screen share and be used as a collaboration tool, a place to share photos, a platform to browse the web together, and even show off some gaming skills.

The best part is that users don’t all need to be on a Mac. Users can share their Mac screen with friends who are on their iPhone or iPad. Or they can share their iPhone or iPad screen with their friends who are on a Mac.

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