New Malaysian Law May Mark An End For Those Streaming TV Boxes

You can be fined RM200,000 or go to prison for 20 years for illegal streaming in this new law.
(credit: Unsplash)

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Today, a new subsection in the 2021 Copyright Bill (amended) was read for the first time in Parliament.

An individual who violates the bill shall be liable to a fine not less than RM10,000 and not exceeding RM200,000 or be imprisoned for 20 years, or to both.

In the subsection, this includes those who enables or facilitating copyright infringement in any work including by making a streaming technology, for sale or rent, as well as importing streaming technology.

So What Does It Mean To Us?

It’s an open secret that Android-powered streaming TV boxes exist. They are sold online on popular eCommerce platforms and even at some kiosks in malls.

Once hooked up to the TV and the internet, these small boxes can let you stream shows and movies from all over the world. Sometimes even shows and movies from channels that would otherwise require a subscription.

Basically, these Android streaming TV boxes – those dubiously ones – including the sketchy services that let you stream the all that content, could be made illegal once this subsection comes into law.

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