YouTube Still Stumbles With Copyright Issues, Millions Of Videos Affected By Copyright Claims

YouTube is well aware of the problem and why it is happening, they are trying their best to curb users from abusing the enforcement mechanism.
(Credit: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash).

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YouTube is a company known to be very strict on copyright claims, between the months of January and June 2022 they claimed to have over 2.2 million videos gotten their copyright claim overturned.

The number is based on The Copyright Transparency Report which the company publishes biannually starting this year.

Just this year, there were 729 million copyright claims with 99% of them coming from Content ID which YouTube automatically enforce. Only 1% of the complaints are overturned.

YouTube’s Content ID is an automated and scalable system that scans videos to sniff out copyright material.

When creators dispute the claim, 60% of the time the case will be in their favour.

Comparatively, the mistaken claims are basically nothing but creators long complained about how it is being handled by the platform, stating it is too excessive and the enforcement is unjust which could lead to loss of revenue.

As a result of the claims, they range from muting out some parts of a particular video all the way to restricting ad revenue.

Going back to 2019, CEO Susan Wojcicki stated in a blog post that they are aware of the problem and they are quoted to be exploring improvements in striking a balance between copyright owners and creators.

Getting back to 2021, the reports says the system is not perfect and errors will happen from time to time, with the platform trying to place guides to prevent users abusing the mechanism.

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