Spotify’s Wrapped Is Back, With A Few More Tricks Up Its Sleeve

Wrapped is finally here and Spotify has made some changes to the experience this year with some new features.
(Credit: Spotify).

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One thing that’s nice about being a Spotify user is their year-end Wrapped event which rolled out yesterday.

Wrapped offers users of the streaming giant to look back and highlight their year, with top 10 artists and songs, top genre, and minutes they have spent using the app. Wrapped covers both music and podcasts.

Creators on the other hand get a run down on what their fans are listening to.

(Credit: Spotify).

New Features

There has been a few changes with the 2021 edition of Wrapped, the new features include Wrapped Blend which lets users compare their Wrapped playlist with your friends, support for TikTok sharing and a new in-app game.

2021’s Wrapped also featured messages from artists to fans thanking them for listening and spending time on their music.

Spotify Greenroom, a live audio chatroom app has been introduced into the Wrapped experience with live shows from select artists.

(Credit: Spotify).

The company presented Wrapped data in cinematic snapshots, presenting users with the 2021: The Movie, pairing songs listened to key moments and scenes like the opening credit or a fight scene among others.

TikTok became an influencing factor for Spotify’s success this year and Wrapped gave nods to the video-sharing app with callbacks to memes and trends like “Good Soup” or “You Understood The Assignment” in the experience.

(Credit: Spotify).

Another new edition to this year’s experience is Audio Aura which shows users what their top two moods are based on listening behaviour depicted visually using colours to describe the moods.

Lets go to the in-app game, which is Two Truths and a Lie, users can play this game and share it with their friends which statement about their listening habits in the past year, to find out which one of your friends truly know you.

Spotify also included a Cameo-like feature that presents users with videos of their favourite artists thanking them for listening.

The company collaborated with more than 170 artists including podcast hosts to film the short thank you videos.

(Credit: Spotify).

Spotify Wrapped 2021

Spotify rounded up the Top Artist, Top Song, Album and Podcast for the year 2021, globally and put it in the Wrapped experience.

Top Artist for 2021 is Bad Bunny followed by Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake and Justin Bieber.

Top Albums in 2021 according to Spotify are; Olivia Rodrigo’s SOUR, Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, Justin Bieber’s Justice, Ed Sheeran’s “=” and Doja Cat’s “Planet Her.”

Sitting on the throne for Top Album is Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” with 1.1 billion streams, followed by Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and The Kid LAROI’s “STAY (with Justin Bieber)”.

Top podcasts for the year unsurprisingly features The Joe Rogan Experience, Call Her Daddy, Crime Junkie, TED Talks Daily and The Daily.

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