YouTube Is Removing The Dislike Counter From The Public

Creators can still see the dislike count on YouTube Studio.
(Credit: Christian Wiediger/Unsplash).

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Gone are the days where users are able to see which videos have more dislikes than likes as YouTube recently announced that they’ll hide the counter, which has sparked some controversy.

This is nothing new in the social media world with Instagram allowing the option for users to hide their “likes” recently.

However, YouTube believes that they are protecting its creators from comment bombing or dislike attacks (when groups of users gang up and drive the dislike counter on a certain video up).

The video sharing platform says the dislike button itself will not be removed, users can still click on the button to signal their opinion on the video privately.

Creators meanwhile can still track the dislikes on their respective YouTube Studio account alongside other analytics about their videos.

This decision comes after YouTube conducted an experiment earlier this year to determine if changes like these will help reduce dislike attacks and harassment on the platform.

YouTube explained that the dislike count can affect the creators’ well-being and may motivate more attacks.

Granted that it is true, but to a degree because the dislike counter also acts as a beacon for users to avoid content that are clickbait, misleading or spam.

(Credit: Faiz Alavi/TRPTech)

One YouTube’s most successful creators, Marques Brownlee AKA MKBHD stated in his Dear YouTube video that the like-dislike ratio is useful for users to search for videos that will actually help them or entertain instead of the opposite.

He then said that he believes that the removal of the counter hurts the user experience on the site, because they will have a hard time finding the quality videos to keep them on the site.

The platform has given more control to creators over their content by enabling features like blocking or hiding certain viewers from their channel, implementing comment moderation tools such as word filters that can automatically hide comments.

YouTube is not just a video sharing site, second only to Google it is one of the largest search engines in the world.

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