IKEA Malaysia Lists Gaming Furniture Collection Ahead Of Nov 11 Release

With prices starting from RM29 and going up to RM3,697, IKEA has covered all price ranges.
(Credit: Alexander Isreb/Pexels).

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We have talked about IKEA bringing their ASUS Republic Of Gamers (ROG) collaboration gaming furniture to Malaysian shores a while ago, and the day is finally upon us.

IKEA has listed what will be available for purchase ahead of the 11 November launch. More than 30 items have been listed in IKEA Malaysia’s website.

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Do note that IKEA has stated that customers can get up to two units of gaming furniture and 3 units of gaming accessories in a single purchase if they decide to get the products directly from IKEA’s branches in the country from 11 to 13 November.

Starting 14 November, customers can opt to purchase products from the IKEA Gaming collection on their official website.

What is worth mentioning again is that the UPPSPEL products are directly co-designed by IKEA and ASUS ROG while other products in the line are based on what IKEA has learned from the collaboration.

Here is the full list of products available for purchase starting 11 November;

  • Lånespelare 36×44cm gaming mouse pad: RM29
  • Lånespelare neck pillow: RM29
  • Lånespelare mug with lid and straw: RM30
  • Lånespelare mug holder: RM49
  • Lånespelare mouse bungee: RM49
  • Lånespelare mug & mug holder combo: RM79
  • Lånespelare headset stand: RM79
  • Lånespelare accessories stand: RM99
  • Lånespelare multi-functional cushion/blanket: RM99
  • Lånespelare ring light with phone holder: RM159
(Credit: IKEA Malaysia).
  • Lånespelare 90x40cm gaming mouse pad: RM79
  • Fredde 140x74x73cm gaming desk: RM799
  • Fredde 185x74x146cm gaming desk: RM999
  • Fredde gaming desk + Matchspel gaming chair combo: RM1,698
  • Huvudspelare gaming chair: RM299
  • Matchspel gaming chair: RM699
  • Uppspel 4-piece pegboard accessories set: RM49
  • Uppspel CPU stand with castors: RM79
  • Uppspel 76×56cm glass-door cabinet: RM299
  • Uppspel 40×58cm drawer unit on castors: RM499
  • Uppspel 140×80cm gaming desk: RM2,299
  • Uppspel 180x80cm gaming desk: RM2,499
  • Uppspel 140×80cm gaming desk + Matchspel gaming chair combo: RM 2,998
  • Uppspel 180×80cm gaming desk + Matchspel gaming chair combo: RM 3,198
  • Uppspel 140×80cm gaming desk & drawer unit on castors + Matchspel gaming chair combo: RM3,497
  • Uppspel 180×80cm gaming desk & drawer unit on castors + Matchspel gaming chair combo: RM3,697
  • Utespelare gaming desk: RM499
  • Utespelare gaming chair: RM499
  • Utespelare gaming desk & chair combo: RM998
  • Utespelare gaming desk + Matchspel gaming chair combo: RM1,198

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