Instagram Releases ‘Add Yours’ Sticker Letting Users Create Story Threads

Twitter is no longer the only place you can make threads.
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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Instagram has announced that they are releasing a sticker that enables users to make threads using Instagram Story.

The new sticker is called “Add Yours” and it allows users to respond to others’ Stories with their own following a prompt or a certain topic.

Instagram released the feature globally after initial testing in Indonesia and Japan last month.

The sticker can be used to create a chain of Stories where each user adds their own to the thread. For example, you could post a “Favourite Food” story and then prompt you followers to add their own via the sticker.

You can use the new sticker by selecting the sticker tool from the navigation bar when you are making a Story, then select “Add Yours” sticker to start the thread.

You can participate in the thread by responding to an “Add Yours” sticker and adding your own Story.

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

The feature is made to get users to collaborate and it is also a way to discover more people to follow. You will be able to see everyone who has taken part and view their Stories when you click on the sticker in someone’s story.

It is somewhat similar to TikTok’s “duet” feature, which allows users to create content featuring the original creator.

However, Instagram’s feature allows you to see everyone’s additional posts and content in the chain. TikTok’s does not.

With the Add Yours and Link stickers, Instagram is giving its users the ability to share and be more collaborative like never before.

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