Finally, Instagram Lets Users Create Posts On Desktop

The new features to be launched are the desktop post, Collab, Fundraiser Button and new Reels music effects.
Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

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After years of waiting Instagram is finally letting its users create and post from the desktop.

The social media company says there will be a slew of updates coming on 21 Oct. One of them is the desktop posting feature which lets you post photos and videos — up to 1 minute long — from your desktop.

Image from Instagram.


Another update coming to Instagram is the new Collab feature that lets users have equal ownership over a post or Reel.

With the new feature you just have to invite someone else from the tagging screen to get them involved in the post or Reel.

Followers from both accounts will see the post. It will even share views, likes and comments.

Image from Twitter/vishalshahis

Fundraiser Button For Nonprofits

Instagram is also testing a new feature for nonprofits. It lets them create fundraisers right on the app itself. Useful for things like fundraising livestreams.

This feature was first spotted by Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi back in September when it was still being tested.

Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics

Finally Instagram will also introduce two new music effects called Superbeat and Dynamic Lyrics. Both are aimed to enhance the creator’s experience on Reels.

AccAccording to Instagram, Superbeat will intelligently apply special effects based on the music, while Dynamic Lyrics will display 3D lyrics that will flow with the song’s “groove”.

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