Sony Taking Down Credit Card and PayPal Payment Options For PS3 and PS Vita

This could be Sony’s cost cutting move.
Photo by Oliver Beer on Unsplash

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While the online store for PS3, PSP, and PS Vita was almost taken down in April this year by Sony, it was saved by the overwhelming amount of backlash and demand from the gaming community.

Now, Sony is just sending a “I have an offer you cant refuse” message to PS3 and PS Vita players, effectively making it harder for them to purchase any games from the store moving forward.

Photo by Aleks Dorohovich on Unsplash

Since Sony is no longer accepting credit cards or PayPal as a form of payment from 27 October onwards, players will have to buy gift cards or fill up the virtual wallet to continue purchasing games on the PS3 and PS Vita digital store.

Sony never explained exactly why they were taking out the payment options.

In my opinion, this could boil down to two things; Sony wanting more revenue for their newer consoles, and/or keeping the storefront for PS3 and PS Vita is costing more than we think.

Not surprising since the PS3 is 15 years old with a storefront to match the age, old hardware and software usually fade away.

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