Talkwalker Adds TikTok Analytics To Their Consumer Intelligence Platform

The new tools aim to turn TikTok into a more effective advertising platform.
(Credit: TRPTech).

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Talkwaker announced that they are now providing TikTok analytics data in its Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform. This effectively turns TikTok into an advertising tool.

It does this by analysing millions of short videos on the video sharing app.

The aim is to allow businesses to discover insights on how consumers are interacting with the brands on the platform.

A majority of TikTok users (63%) are under 30 and the insights enable brands to connect with a significant growing audience base.

Talkwalker will allow brands to measure the impact of their campaigns, monitor competitors’ activities, identify and analyse the impact of brand influencers, and find videos that are driving the brand’s conversations.

(Credit: Olivier Bergeron/Unsplash).

Brands will also be able to use the company’s proprietary image recognition technology to identify logos, objects, and scenes within posts.

By combining this with other data from all the major social media platforms, we’re giving brands the most comprehensive and actionable consumer intelligence available

Tod Nielsen, Talkwalker CEO.

Talkwalker is a consumer intelligence company that keep track of a brand’s global online reputation and sentiment through online, print, TV and radio to provide brands with the best data to make advertisements with.

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