There’s A New Iron Man Game In Development By Electronic Arts

The studio behind Star Wars: Squadron, Battlefront II (2017), and the remake of Dead Space will be developing this new game.
(credit: Marvel/ EA)

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The last Iron Man single-player game was released back in May 2010. After that, if we are not mistaken, there aren’t any more single-player Iron Man games released on consoles and PC.

Recently, you can still play as Iron Man in the Marvel’s Avengers game published by Square Enix and in the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns by 2K Games. But those two titles weren’t focusing on Iron Man. Finally, there’s another studio making a new Iron Man game again after more than a decade.

Engadget reported that Motive, a studio under EA, is working on a new single-player game based on one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes, Iron Man. It will be an action-adventure, single-player, third-person game with a new story.

(credit: Marvel/ EA)

EA said the game will:

Feature an original narrative that taps into the rich history of Iron Man, channeling the complexity, charisma, and creative genius of Tony Stark, and enabling players to feel what it’s like to truly play as Iron Man.

Olivier Proulx, who has previous experience working on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers, will serve as the team leader for the Motive team working on the project. As a result, the game is likely in good hands.

The Iron Man game, which is the first of multiple games EA and Marvel will create together, is supposed to represent the beginning of their collaboration. The rumoured Black Pather game will presumably be the next release.

This game is still in the early development stage, so don’t expect to hear a release date anytime soon.

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