Microsoft Has Made Some Significant Update To The Xbox App On PC

The Xbox app launches up to 15% faster and tells you how long it takes to beat a game.
(credit: Microsoft)

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Imagine you just came back from work, and you wanted to play some games on your PC to de-stress from your hectic working life. When you click on a program, it takes a long time to load, even though you have a good gaming PC. And when you are inside the program, the user experience is lackluster. All these issues can be a big turn-off for players, and Microsoft knows that.

The Verge reported that Microsoft has made some big improvements to the Xbox app on PC with the integration of ‘HowLongToBeat’. If you are wondering what it is, HowLongToBeat is a site where players can find out how long it takes to complete a game. For example, it takes almost 53 hours to beat the main story of Elden Ring, and if you try to 100% the game, it takes around 131 hours.

(credit: Microsoft)

If you only have a couple of hours of free time to play games each day, this site will help you to decide whether a game is worth your time and money. You can also submit your own times and check reviews from other players, gameplay notes, and playstyle analysis.

In addition to that, the app now starts up to 15% quicker and offers better user experiences. Microsoft reported that the percentage of sessions without crashes increased to 99.9% and that player reports of games that failed to download or install correctly fell by almost half. Additionally, they concentrated on improving the relevancy of search results, and as a consequence, results are now returned up to 20% quicker.

Furthermore, Microsoft has made some much-needed improvements to the game information pages, allowing users to see trailers and images immediately above a listing.

If you didn’t know, PC Game Pass is available in Malaysia as well. It is like a buffet of games that you can try. If you want to learn more about it, you can go to the PC Game Pass site.

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