NVIDIA Prototype GeForce GTX GPU Spotted In The Wild

A redditor bought a NVIDIA GTX 2080 engineering sample from eBay.
(credit: VideoCardz)

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Before the rise of NVIDIA GeForce RTX, the green and black graphic card (GPU) company used to market their GeForce GPUs as GTX. Apparently, they intended to market the RTX 2080 as the GTX 2080, as you can see below. The GTX branding is still in use today, but only for lower-end GPUs.

According to VideoCardz, a redditor that goes by the name, ascendance22, discovered what appears to be a GTX 2080 graphics card engineering sample. The card has the identical standard cooler design, but GTX is used in place of the missing RTX logo. The front and backplates of the card are blank with the 2080 logo.

(credit: VideoCardz)

VideoCardz found a similar GPU on eBay and it costs USD360. They know it’s a PG180 board, which is the same board that the retail RTX 2080 graphics card uses, because of a sticker on the rear of the card.

(credit: VideoCardz)

VideoCardz added that NVIDIA prototype gaming GPUs are very rare to find and this GTX 2080 seems to be performing the same as the RTX 2080, making it the only GTX card that can support DLSS and ray-tracing.

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