Kojima Wants You To Become His Researcher!

There are 30 other positions available at Kojima Productions as well.

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The mind behind the Metal Gear series, the Zone of Ender series, and that walking simulator, Death Stranding, is looking for someone to help him gather information on the latest news and future technologies to help him formulate his next project.

Hideo Kojima is looking for a researcher.

The man who was responsible for some of the most creative, innovative, and fantastic ideas, gameplay, and stories in video game history is looking for someone to absorb as much worldly information as possible to craft an out of this world gaming experience.

You’ll probably get to work directly with the man himself too.

In his tweet, Kojima also lists 30 other positions that his Japan-based gaming development studio is looking to fill.

Available positions range from programmer, artist, game designer, and sound designer, to writer, project manager, producer, localiser, and more.

The job requirements seem very generous, it’s even open to new graduates or inexperienced in the industry.

But you’ll have to move to Tokyo and speak Japanese for the job.

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