The New PlayStation Plus & Everything The Malaysian Gamer Needs To Know About It

The three tiered subscription service is set to roll out on 24 May

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PlayStation is launching its new three-tiered PlayStation Plus subscription service on 24 May. Here’s everything we know about it.

Automatic Transition

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you will automatically be migrated to PlayStation Plus Essential – the new baseline tier – on 24 May. You won’t be charged for it.

However if you want to subscribe to Playstation Plus Extra or Playstation Plus Deluxe, you can only do it after your account has been migrated and it will cost extra.

PlayStation Plus Essential

Price options: 

  • RM 29.00 every month.
  • RM 69.00 every 3 months (save RM18).
  • RM 159.00 every 12 months (Save RM189).

What you get:

  • Same benefits that PlayStation Plus members get today.
  • Monthly downloadable games
  • Exclusive discounts and content
  • Cloud storage for saved games
  • Online multiplayer access
  • Share Play
  • Game Help (PS5 only)
  • The PlayStation Plus Collection (PS5 only)

PlayStation Plus Extra

Price options:

  • RM 44.00 every month.
  • RM 114.00 every 3 months (save RM18).
  • RM 269.00 every 12 months (save RM259).

What you get:

  • All the benefits from the PlayStation Plus Essential.
  • Access to PlayStation’s Game Catalogue of 400 PS4 and PS5 games. Including:
    • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Demon’s Souls
    • NBA 2K22
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

PlayStation Plus Deluxe

Price options:

  • RM 50.00 every month.
  • RM 130.00 every 3 months (save RM20).
  • RM 309.00 every 12 months (save RM 291).

What you get:

  • All the benefits from PlayStation Plus Essential and Extra.
  • Access to the Classics Catalogue of original PlayStation, PS2, and PSP games including:
    • Tekken 2.
    • Jak 3.
    • Borderlands The Handsome Collection.
  • Time-limited game trials for selected new titles including:
    • Horizon Forbidden West.
    • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.
    • Tiny Tina’s Wonderland.

Support for PlayStation 3 & Vita 

According to PlayStation, you can’t buy new subscriptions directly from the PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation Vita, however you can still do so using a desktop or mobile device and will still have access to previously redeemed monthly games. 

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