It Went Viral, Got Bought By NYT, & Now People Are Worried – So What Is Wordle?

You don’t need to, but you can actually download and play this daily word puzzle game for free.

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When Wordle fever hit the internet last month, clones of the game propagated like mushrooms after the rain. 

It got so bad that Apple had to go into their App Store and remove all the copycats. 

It got so popular that the New York Times (NYT) bought the game for an undisclosed price.

But what is Wordle?

A Brief Introduction

Wordle is a free to play web-based word puzzle written by British software engineer and Reddit employee, Josh Wardle.

The game is similar to the classic two-player board game Mastermind. However, instead of using colours, it uses words.

In Wordle, the game picks a five-letter word and the player will have to guess what it is within six tries. Players can only guess using real words. 

To make things fair, the game will tell the player if they have guessed the correct letter in the word and if they have placed it in the correct location.

Why Is It So Hot?

What makes the game addictive is twofold.

First, the game has a strict limit of one puzzle a day.

That, combined with the deceptively simple but challenging gameplay just makes just about anyone who plays it want to play it even more, especially if they think they can do better next time. 

Second, players can share on social media and show off to their friends how fast they solve the daily puzzle. 

NYT Bought It, Now What?

It’s unknown what the New Your Times is going to do with Wordle, but it did promise to keep the game free to play for everyone. 

Still, it got some players worried. What if their favourite game is taken away?

Well, fret not because the whole game can be downloaded by just saving the page. The whole game is there.

On most browsers, all you need to do is go to the Wordle page, right-click on the page, and pick Save Page As or Save As.

Just double click on that saved file and it will launch the game in the default browser. 

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