You Can Play The Classic Doom Game On Twitter

This is yet another absurdly fun way to play Doom on something better than your potato of a PC.

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Twitter is a platform your daughter uses when she wants to cancel the Prime Minister, but now for the first time it might actually be good for something: blasting demons in the face with a super shotgun.

Tweet2Doom is a new Twitter bot that started in September 2021 which lets folks play through the original Doom game using a series of commands. That is rather a fun use of Twitter.

Those commands are translated to the bot which then sends a video reply of what happened. You continue with more commands, which gets another video reply. Rinse. Repeat.

It’s basically a turn-based spin on the classic id-Software shooter (a classic game that youngins won’t know about).

In English, it means the game can either be played collectively, by replying to others tweets as more of a turn-based affair, or a whole sequence of inputs as a speed run.

Clearly this is far from anything remotely elegant or useful to run Doom on, but that does not make it less cool to play with.

How To Play Doom On Twitter

The pinned tweet tells you everything you need to know to play the game, though you will need to learn and understand some syntax rules and figure out the scripting.

Letters denote various action inputs and numbers tells the number of frames those actions last for. The bot will then spit back the last 10 seconds of gameplay as a video.

To start a new game, you can simply reply-tweet “/play x,,e,,e,,e,,50-,50-u,15-f,” for instance.

Okay it’s not THAT simple.

It really feels like programming a whole new game honestly.

If you are keen on playing the game and learning the scripts, PC Gamer has the full instructions here.

It Is Just As Fun To Watch

If you happen to follow the account, it is a hoot looking at Doom Guy screwing about because of the commands that people have inputted.

Some of the commands are boderline absurd and it is very enjoyable chaos watching Doom Guy act like a drunk man in a horse stable.

Tweet2Doom joined an ever expanding elite list of “How To Play Doom”, that includes a pregnancy testunreleased indie consolecash registers and so much more.

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