Don’t Leave Your Money In TnG eWallet Unused For Too Long Or It Will Cost You

Touch ‘n Go will deduct some money from your account if it’s unused for a certain amount of time.
(credit: Touch ‘n Go)

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Without a doubt, eWallet is very convenient for many people. You don’t have to carry your wallet with you anymore; no more cash and cards; you just need your phone. But with the proliferation of eWallets, sometimes people will forget that they still have some money left in one of the eWallets, especially for those who are using a few different cashless payment services.

Touch ‘n Go (T’nG) eWallet is one of the most popular eWallets in Malaysia. It was launched back in July 2017 and today, it has more than 17.8 million registered users and it is widely accepted across Malaysia.

If you are using T’nG eWallet, there’s something you should be aware of. Don’t leave your account inactive for more than 365 days consecutively. If you do, your account will become dormant. According to T’nG’s FAQ:

A dormant account refers to Touch ‘n Go eWallet accounts that did not perform any transactions or logins for a consecutive period of 365 days.

(credit: Touch ‘n Go eWallet FAQ)

Your account will become “Suspended” but you can still login to a dormant account and you can only use the reload feature.

Also, T’nG will deduct RM2.50 from your eWallet balance annually for being dormant. If your account remains inactive for 180 days from the day of your account suspension, your account status will change to “Blocked” and you will no longer be able to login to your account.

If your account remains dormant for seven years, your remaining eWallet balance will be transferred to Registrar of Unclaimed Money. The registrar is under the Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia and they act as a trustee to unclaimed moneys. If you wish to claim your money, you can read more about it in this FAQ.

If you wish to stop using the eWallet, you can transfer your money out of your account via DuitNow Transfer function. You can learn more about it here.

RM2.50 might be a very small amount, but if you just leave your account dormant for seven years, that amounts to RM17.50. Imagine how many Nasi Lemak you can buy with that.

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