Uniquely Malaysian Slangs Seen On Twitter & Their Definitions.

Innovation born out of the limitation of 280 characters.
(credit: Jeremy Berzanger / Unsplash | Ahmad Qime | Unsplash)

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It is said that language is the soul of the nation (Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa), so in conjunction with this year’s National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations, Twitter has shared the 10 unique Malaysian slangs seen on the platform. 

This vernacular, like a particularly visceral roadside accident, is both baffling and enthralling. To make sense of it all, definitions are included as well. 

  • Alang-alang — Is not followed by taim ago. Means while we’re at it or killing two birds with one stone but with no actual stoning or killing involved lah.
  • Cincai — A word someone would use to hurry things along. It’s like Shia LaBeouf’s Just Do It but with Malaysia’s signature minimal effort and sloppiness
  • Gerak lu, pape roger — Has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic but instead roughly translates to: See you later, I have to go, and  let me know if anything’s come up. 
  • Kautim — It’s not a question asking if your name is Tim. It is the English equivalent of done.
  • Kantoi — Equal to the idiom caught red-handed but typically end up cincai anyway.
  • Leklu — Although can be prefixed with hang, it has nothing to do with Melcca’s legendary warriors and is a portmanteau of relax and dulu (aforetime).
  • Mantap — Not to be pronounced in English, ever. It means excellent.
  • Pergh — Also means excellent but for someone who has a limited vocabulary and has to resort to sound effects. 
  • Syok Sendiri — Similar to the Malay idiom masuk bakul angkat sendiri or self gratification (do not elaborate).
  • Tacod — Not the past tense of being at the messy end of an airborne Mexican dish. It is actually a sensational spelling of takut which means scared but adds the guacamole of not really.

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