Fiqrie Dahari Calls Apple Fitness+ Perfect

Fiqrie credits Fitness+ for helping him to continue working out, even when injured, to stave away a hereditary disease.
(credit: Fiqrie)

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For Fiqrie Dahari, working out is not about getting fit. When he was young he was sickly and was well aware that his family had a history of asthma. 

To stay healthy and stave off the hereditary disease, he began to work out in his teens, hoping that his lungs would never succumb to the chronic condition. And what began as a remedy, turned into a healthy habit and a part of his life. 

Then came Covid-19. The lockdown made it impossible for the multi-talented content creator to go to the gym and even once restrictions were lifted again, Fiqrie didn’t feel comfortable going back. Physical distancing and hygiene became paramount to him. 

That changed when he was introduced to Fitness+ earlier this year.

“Having Fitness+ has been such a blessing because, with it, I can work out from the comfort of my home without worrying about being presentable,” explained Fiqrie.

To him, Apple’s workout subscription program is very accessible. There’s a huge selection of workouts of various types and intensities led by a diverse team of professional trainers. 

Since April, Fiqrie has honed in on his favourite Fitness+ workout routine. He shared how his session usually consists of a series of three to four 10-minute workouts — preferably led by his favourite (former) Fitness+ Yoga trainer Dustin Brown — that ends with a relaxing Mindful Cool-down. 

(credit: Apple)

Although Dustin has left for Melbourne, his sessions are still available on Fitness+. At the same time, a new member joined the Fitness+ team, Yoga trainer, Dice Iida-Klein.

For those who prefer to work out based on music, the latest Artist Spotlight series featured the music of Mary J. Blige, The Rolling Stones, and The Weeknd. 

Fitness+ has also debuted its newest Collection (structured workout programs): Pilates for More Than Your Core 

To stay healthy even when travelling for work as an emcee, host, and travel writer. For working out with Fitness+, Fiqrie wears his Apple Watch and uses his iPhone or iPad as a display so he can work out anywhere and at any time.

(credit: Apple)

Later this year, Fitness+ will become more accessible when the subscription service becomes available to all iPhone users, even if they don’t have an Apple Watch.

Each Fitness+ workout also includes modifications to make them more accessible or challenging. Fiqrie credited that to him still being able to work out despite a foot injury he got back in June from skateboarding. 

More recently. Fiqrie had rediscovered his love for walking when he tried Time To Walk, a collection of audio workout programs in the form of stories and music told and shared by prominent people.

“I started listening to it when I was walking around Bukit Bintang recently. Before I knew it, I logged in over 11,000 steps. 

“The stories shared in each episode are amazing. In one episode, where Kesha talks about imposter syndrome, it nearly moved me to tears,” said Fiqrie.

(credit: Apple)

The recently released fourth season of Time to Walk featured new guests, including award-winning actor Regina Hall, Latin Grammy winner Nicky Jam, and Emmy Award-winning performer Leslie Jordan. 

For runners, the second season of Time to Run — which features trainers and running — explores new locations such as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Mexico City, and Queenstown, New Zealand.

When asked what features he would love to see added to Fitness+, Fiqrie said that it is perfect as is. To him, Fitness+ is accessible, flexible, and has so many workout options that there is about to be something that would fit anyone’s schedule and fitness level.

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