Boost Is Helping You With Your Groceries By Subsidising 50% Of It

You can get a free RM10 that you can use in selected shops to purchase groceries.
(credit: Malay Mail/ Canva)

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Many of us are aware of how difficult it is nowadays to make purchases with our available money. Now, even RM100 feels like RM50. There will be continued inflation. Belt and wallet are being tightened. Don’t you wish you could make a little savings when shopping? What if we tell you, there’s a way.

As part of the ongoing #BoostUntukRakyat relief aimed to aid Malaysians in reducing expenses, Boost is subsidising 50% of your groceries.

During the month of July, you may use only 4,000 Boost Stars—a reduction of 50% from the prior minimum of 8,000 Boost Stars—to redeem the #BoostUntukRakyat RM10 Partner Wallet credit for groceries on the BoostUP Rewards Catalogue. You can also utilise FlexiRedeem to redeem the RM10 Partner Wallet credit for a flat saving of RM5, or 50% off, by utilising a combination of RM4.75 and 200 Boost Stars.

(credit: Boost)

The ways to redeem the RM10 credit can be seen on the infographic above.

The RM10 Partner Wallet Credit has no minimum spend restriction and is good for 30 days once you successfully redeem it. You can use the RM10 in any partnered supermarkets, including Lotus’s, Giant, Mydin, AEON BiG, Village Grocer, and more in West Malaysia, as well as Bataras, Boulevard Sabah, Borneo Supermart, and others in East Malaysia. The redeemed credit will be visible on the ‘My Partner Wallets’ page and will automatically be used when purchasing eggs, chicken, and daily necessities from any of these stores.

In order to make it simpler for you to earn Boost Stars and use the RM10 Partner Wallet credit, Boost is now offering expedited Boost Star rewards via Boost Missions. By completing the Bill Payment and Top Up objectives on the Boost app throughout the month of July, you may accumulate up to 2,000 additional Boost Stars. This is in addition to the 1 to 3 Boost Stars that users now receive for every RM1 spent normally.

If you want to learn more about the 50% subsidy and BoostUP Rewards, you can go here.

If you want to get more Boost Stars, just head over here.

A free RM10 that you can use to buy groceries seems like a pretty good deal. We need every bit of help we can get in these trying times.

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