If You Love To Host Gatherings You’ll Love The Freestyle

Samsung’s portable projector is a party pleaser

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Gatherings are back with a vengeance. After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, Malaysians are getting back together reuniting families, friends, and loved ones. 

Good company and good food are at the core of any get-together. But the secret to any congregation is a good host and good entertainment. That’s where The Freestyle comes in.

Here’s how The Freestyle by Samsung could make you the hero of a party. 

Perfectly Portable

(credit: Samsung)

The Freestyle is so small it could fit in a bag, so simple to use it could be set up anywhere, and so compatible it connects to almost any device. 

You can set it up virtually anywhere indoor or outdoor.

Because it uses USB-C to charge, The Freestyle can be powered via any compatible USB-C charger. It could even work with a power bank, a car phone charger, or The Freestyle battery pack (sold separately).

Don’t worry about adjusting The Freestyle to get the perfect picture, just point it towards a flat surface, turn it on, and it will do the rest. The projected image will be perfectly focused and straight. 

Movie Master

(credit: Samsung)

What better excuse to gather everyone than a movie night or to binge-watch a show. With The Freestyle, you are not confined to a small screen or even indoors. 

Like on a smart TV you can install your favourite streaming service app on The Freestyle and enjoy your favourite watch with family and friends. 

Just connect The Freestyle to wifi or a smartphone hotspot and you are good to go. 

This means you could even use The Freestyle at a park or on a camping trip. For the screen, just use a bed sheet draped on a line hung between two trees or the side of a car, or even a side of a tent will do, The Freestyle will adjust accordingly. 

Gaming Genius

(credit: Samsung)

The Freestyle is versatile, on its side is a Micro HDMI port that you could plug a gaming console into. 

Just imagine, playing a couch co-op, a free for all, or even a party trivia game on a 100in projection. It’s perfect for a game night. 

And of course, you don’t have to be tethered at home. Pair it with a multi-player centric portable gaming console that could also plug into HDMI and you got yourself a video game party setup that follows you wherever you go. 

But even if you don’t have a portable gaming console, you could always plug in or pair The Freestyle to your smartphone and use it as your gaming device. Don’t forget to bring along some gaming controllers as well. 

Ambience Ambassador

(credit: Samsung)

One of the most overlooked features of The Freestyle has to be its ambient mode. This built-in option lets you use The Freestyle to project lighting effects such as a welcome message, a scene like a window overlooking a vista, or a kaleidoscope. Some of these can be animated too. 

The ambient mode could also be used to display photos, perhaps of the previous gathering, someone who is being celebrated at the party, or even just a pool of recent memories for everyone to share. 

The Freestyle could take the centre stage, be a conversation starter, or just adds to the mood of a get-together, but you could be the star for just bringing one to the party.

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