Get Your Raya Photos Noticed With These Tips & Ideas

Five mobile photographers share their secrets to taking exceptional photos.

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The festive season is a time for family, friends, food, and photos. Now that the country is in transition to the endemic phase and the SOPs are loosening up, this year’s celebration is extra special.

So let’s learn from five mobile photographers, how to best capture every moment of this Eid.

Photos of kids with Ahady Rezan (Hux)

For Hux, Raya in the last few years has been different because of the pandemic. 

Most of us were not able to enjoy the celebrations with our loved ones and especially the kids who have been missing Raya at grandma’s and getting together with cousins! 

This year, it is the time! There is so much joy to have the kids bond with one another while preparing for the upcoming Eid! 

For capturing those precious moments Hux used the Dramatic Cool filter on the Camera app on his iPhone SE.

Here are his photography tips:

  • When shooting with kids, let them enjoy the session by giving them freedom while shooting. You as a photographer must be fast!
  • Plan for your shots and bring props.
  • Turn on Grid (in Settings) and try a few different angles.
  • Tap the screen, lock the subject and manually adjust the exposure by sliding up or down depending on the shot’s condition.
  • Always shoot in natural light or make sure you have bright areas if indoor.
  • When using Portrait mode, you can experiment with aperture during or after the shot.

Planning it out with Jason Goh

Jason planned his photos out but is not above changing his plans to suit the situation. He also edited the photos using Adobe Lightroom on the iPhone SE.

Here are his pointers for taking those perfectly prepared shots:

  • Portrait mode works best when there’s a human subject. Use it to get that professional photography look.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with the Portrait Lighting effects. It can simulate studio lighting and result in some neat effects. 
  • To create that warm look we used the Photographic Styles feature. You can use this feature to get your photos looking the way you want or create your unique look. 

Make it stand out with Udey Ismail

Like, Hux, Udey picked kids as his subject. After all, they are the ones who are having the most fun during the festive season. But he uses an iPhone 13 instead. 

Eid for kids is so memorable especially since they can visit each other and collect ‘duit raya’ with their family members.

Here is his advice for taking those Raya shots: 

  • Avoid direct sunlight in your outdoor shots.
  • When taking a portrait shot make sure it is at the eye level of the subject. 
  • Use the photo grid! It will help you judge the proportions of your subject.
  • Try to shoot with a clean background, or with a subject in the foreground. It also helps if the colours contrast.
  • Manually control the exposure to make the photo appear more dramatic.

Sparklers at night with Amsyar Naaif Shahmaruddin

Playing with ‘bunga api’ reminds Amsyar of his childhood. 

Here is how he took photos with contrasting light and dark using the iPhone 13: 

  • Always tap on the main subject to focus. It doesn’t have to be the person. In one of the photos, I focused on the sparklers. 
  • Switch on Live Photo mode on your iPhone. This is especially useful in group photos where someone might blink. 
  • For low light conditions, switch to Night mode but make sure the shutter speed is not too long, 1 or 2 seconds will do.

Light up the house at night with Anwar Yusli

When families gather, it creates a joyous atmosphere and garnishing it are traditions handed down from generation to generation. 

“In the outskirts, the entrance of each village is marked with a ‘Gapura’ or a gate/arch, a landmark which symbolises the pride of the villagers. During this festive period, each local community will not only beautify their own homes but also the ‘Gapura’. 

The head of the village will also reward the most beautiful ‘Gapura’ in the area.”

Taking photos using his iPhone SE, Anway shares these reminders:

  • Find an interesting subject for eye-catching portrait shots. 
  • Find a portrait background that makes the subject stand out.
  • Consider your composition for the most pleasing shots.

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