3 Useful S Pen Features You Must Try On The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Features of the first Galaxy S series device with a built in S Sen that you should know.
(credit: Tech TRP)

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The Samsung Note series of devices are known for two features, its large display, and the built-in S Pen. 

But, when the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra took up the mantle, large displays on a smartphone had already been the standard for many generations. 

What set it apart was the S Pen.

The humble little stylus is hidden in the built-in sleeve on the left side of the S22 Ultra. 

It is a bit awkward to get to for a right-handed user and easily overlooked in everyday use, yet it is a powerful tool that makes S22 Ultra stand out ahead of the pack.

To show you what we mean, here are three useful features of the S Pen that you must try on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Precision Prediction Performance

(credit: Tech TRP)

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung bumped up the response time, the refresh rate, and the smarts of the S Pen.

In practice, what we see is the S Pen has no discernible lag and the handwriting experience is better and more practical than ever before.

That means, you should try and skip using that keyboard and pull out the S Pen more often, you will be surprised at how usable it is now.

Quick Quirky Quintessential 

(credit: Tech TRP)

Pull out the S Pen from the Galaxy S22 Ultra and you will be welcomed by a selection of S Pen specific features and apps.

They range from the quintessential ability to start taking notes and browse previous notes instantly, to the absurd ability to draw AR doodles.

Try them all, you won’t know if you like them until you try them, especially the notes app. The ability to take notes instantly could be a life-changer. 

Wrist Wiggling Wizardry 

(credit: Tech TRP)

Not many people remember that the S Pen could be wielded like a magic wand to control the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung often gives the example of using the button on the S Pen to control the shutter on the camera, but it could do so much more. 

The gesture control on the S pen could even be customised. So instead of subjecting your thumb to repetitive movement disorder from scrolling through all those feeds, try gesture on the S Pen instead.

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