This Local Directory Of Local Indie Cafes Has An Unexpected Feature

Let Petakopi help you find your next caffeinated watering hole or lepak place.
(credit: Fahmi Fakhrudin / Unsplash)

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It’s easy to find a big franchise cafe with overpriced syrup flavoured coffee. But those who like coffee know that the good stuff can only be found at the local independent cafe. 

There you’ll find masterfully handcrafted coffee made with freshly roasted beans by people who love coffee. 

However, some of these cafe’s are notoriously difficult to find. They are so local, so independent, and so artisanal, that you might not be able to find them unless you know their name.

That is where Petakopi comes in.

Petakopi is a community-driven cafe directory where everyone can submit their favourite independent cafe.

The goal of the site is to help the community not only to find good coffee but to also promote local businesses. 

The site is new so it’s still scarce on features. Currently, the cafe directory can only be filtered by state and is not searchable. 

Each cafe includes its name, location, social media links, tags, the name of the person who submitted the cafe and a map to the location.

Each piece of information is verified on a best effort basis, so the process of getting a new cafe listed is not instant. Users can also submit corrections if any of the information is inaccurate.

The site has one weird feature though.

In the interest of Muslim patrons, Petakopi also provides Halal information for most cafes. However, because they cannot independently verify every cafe’s halal status these are tagged with “Muslim Owner” based on user submission.

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