Two Months Later – How This Wearable Changed Me & My Daily Routine

It’s a small device but it made a big difference.
(credit: Apple)

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Smartwatches can be a powerful tool for change in one’s life. It can be a lifesaver, a motivator, a health monitor, and more, depending on the features. 

Last year we had our hands on a few wearables and of the ones we reviewed only one has stayed on my wrist the whole time. 

Since then I’ve been working out more, developed a healthier sleeping routine, and learned to focus better. 

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Now, after two months of wearing the Apple Watch Series 7, here’s how this wearable has changed me. 

At Least Eight Hours Of Sleep Every Night

(credit: Apple)

Setting a sleep goal and tracking sleep patterns over time using the Health App, helps develop good sleeping habits.

I use the Wind Down feature to remind me that it’s almost bedtime and set all my devices to “do not disturb” mode. Urgent calls and texts still get through, so I’m not worried. 

Wind Down could also be used to automatically play soothing music, turn down the lights or even start a meditation app. 

My trick to getting the full eight hours of sleep is to not set an alarm on the Sleep App because it does not count my hours if I go back to sleep. 

I Take Some Time For Myself Every Day

(credit: Apple)

Closing those rings – by hitting my daily standing, exercise, and movement goals – has become more than just a way to counter my sedentary work life. 

It has become a cathartic way to spend time on myself.

Time to Walk, the inspiring audio experience on Apple Watch for Fitness+, is full of wonderful stories told first hand. 

Guided Meditations in Fitness+ help me detach from work after hours. 

But the feature I use the most is the workouts on Fitness+. The trick, as coach Greg – one of the many trainers in the programme – would say, is consistency and variety. 

It helps that there are 10 different workout types.

Motivated By Friends

(credit: Apple)

They are just a set of numbers represented by three coloured rings. 

But somehow, the desire to see those rings completed every day managed to get me on the workout mat every day. 

It all starts by setting your own goals: how many calories you want to burn, how much standing you want to do, and how much workout you want to do per day.  

From there you can even compete with friends and family. 

I share my fitness goals with two of my friends. I get alerts when they finish a workout, close their rings, or get fitness awards by completing additional bonus goals. 

It motivates me to do more. 

I Make Time For Those I Care About

(credit: Apple)

With just a swipe and a tap on the Apple Watch, I can turn on Focus. 

It’s a customisable tool that helps reduce distractions, just like Winding Down. 

However Focus can be configured for work, study, or to get in the zone while playing a game or working out. 

In addition to filtering notifications, Focus also automatically tells your contacts in Messages (and other supported apps, like Slack) that you’re unavailable. 

I find it most useful while I’m with family and friends and don’t want to be the one constantly looking at my phone. 

Learn To Handle Stress

(credit: Apple)

Taking a little time out to breathe and be mindful is a forgotten skill in a world where attention is currency. 

When everything around you demands a click, like, comment, and share, we don’t unwind the tension that’s building up inside and substitute release, with distraction instead. 

That’s where the Apple Watch Mindfulness app comes in.

When inspiration eludes me or when a story is particularly difficult to parse, I launch the Breathe (controlled breathing practice) or Reflect (thoughtful prompts) experience on the app. 

Three minutes works for me, but you can shorten it down to one minute or extend it to up to five minutes.

I Appreciate Awards More Than NFTs

(credit: Apple)

Whenever you hit a fitness goal, like completing a monthly challenge, hitting all your fitness goals for a week, or trying a new workout with Apple Watch, the fitness app will grant you an award. 

These are 3D digital objects that you can animate and share, sort of like NFTs. However, unlike NFTs, these can only be earned and because of that, are far more precious.

I’ve collected a few, some are rare while others are common. But, seeing all those awards, just makes me want to get more.

Starting from January 2022, Apple Watch users can earn limited-edition awards and stickers starting with the New Year Challenge where all you need to do is to close all three rings for seven days in a row in the month of January.

Excited For The Future.

In just two short months the Apple Watch has made a big difference in my life. Thanks to it, having an active lifestyle changed from something I wanted to do to something I am doing. And I can’t wait to see what else it will bring in 2022. 

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