This Instagram Trend May Be A Security Threat

Bad actors could be using social engineering and ‘Add Yours’ to figure out answers to security questions.

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Earlier this month Instagram introduced a feature that lets users create a public thread in their stories. ‘Add Yours’ is a sticker that adds a prompt in your Stories that others can respond to.

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However, recently, diligent netizens have noticed a disturbing trend. It seems that some people have been using ‘Add Yours’ stickers in their Stories to ask innocent looking questions that are actually harmful.

As one Twitter user pointed out, the questions look like security questions. 

These are personal questions that some sites use to help their user recover lost or forgotten passwords. 

In the screenshot, it shows over 51,000 Instagram users have answered the question. 

@nabilahudatahar also posted a screenshot of another Instagram Story with a very odd ‘Add Yours’ prompt. It asks: The date you first met, got engaged, and married your spouse.

As she rightly pointed out, it does read like a possible security question.

Another twitter user @pu-rahmat was more blunt with his post. In it he said: “Avoid playing these online games that play with your personal information. You are leaking our own personal information.”

M.Wongso from OMG Hakers on Facebook gives us the most detailed explanation.

TLDR;  He is basically saying that this is a disturbing trend that has led many to volunteer their private information. It is a dangerous behavior and should be avoided.

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