Here’s How To Make Whatsapp More Secure With 2FA

It’s personal, it’s private, and we use it everyday. So why not make it safe as well.
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Whatsapp is so ubiquitous in Malaysia that you’d be hard-pressed to find a smartphone that does not have this Facebook-owned chat app installed.

It is so widely used that it is probably the first app we would install when we get a new phone. 

For security, Whatsapp uses OTP or one-time password. It’s that number they text to you when you sign in with your registered phone number to verify the number.

Now you can add another layer of security to verify that it is you who is activating the Whatsapp account by adding a 6-digit PIN.

This is called two-factor authentication or 2FA. The OTP verifies the number and the PIN verifies that it’s you. 

Here’s How To Do It

To enable 2FA, you will need your smartphone with Whatsapp installed and signed in, a 6-digit PIN that you can remember, and an email address in case you forgot your PIN. 

1. Open WhatsApp on your phone. 
2. For Android phones, tap the three dots on the top right corner.
For iPhones, tap the settings gear at the bottom right.
3. Tap Account.


5. Tap Two-Step Verification.
6. Tap Enable to set up your PIN. 
7. Enter and verify your 6-digit PIN.
8. Add an email address as a backup, in case you forgot the PIN.

Now you’re all set!

Next time you want to activate your Whatsapp account, you will need that PIN as well.

But don’t fret if you forget it, just make sure you entered a valid email address. 

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