AORUS Unveils A Portable 5G Gaming PC Called Project Cielo

The PC is modular too!
Image from Gigabyte AORUS.

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It kind of looks like the KFC Console that has a chicken warmer in the middle part but it’s white.

Project Cielo is another attempt to make a modular PC, but this time Gigabyte is putting in 5G connectivity so you can game from anywhere.

The top section of the PC is where the 5G antennas are housed – presumably you can’t replace that module with anything else – while the middle section is a large battery and the bottom section is a large Bluetooth speaker.

What the PC looks like. Image from Gigabyte AORUS.

Gigabyte are not the first to propose the idea of a modular PC.

Back in 2014 Razer showed their attempt named Project Christine which only saw the light of day as a show piece instead of a real thing.

As of writing this piece, Gigabyte has yet to release any specifications on the type of CPU or even GPU options that the modular Project Cielo is coming with, although they did release some pictures of it.

Project Christine that never made it to the shelves. Image from Razer.

I would think this PC will have some trouble if it happens to be made, because you will still need cables to connect the peripherals to the PC.

Maybe Gigabyte will think of a solution that will make this a practical purchase, or else just like any other PC it will be sitting in a room going nowhere

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