Every Artist Has To Start Somewhere, These Are The Apps They Use

Lyn-Hui and Yik Keat share their stories and their go-to apps.
Mid Autumn by Lyn-Hui

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Every artist hones their skill through practice and determination. It is through all those years of work that they were able to make masterful art. And they make it look easy too. 

Skill will get you far, passion will take you further, but with the right tools you can hone that artistic edge even further.

Recently we had a chance to talk to a couple of artists — one an illustrator, the other a photographer — and ask how they got into their respective fields and what are some of the apps they used.

The Illustrator

Lyn-Hui Ong.

Lyn-Hui Ong hails from the island of Penang and wielded coloured pencils since she was 4. Her love for drawing illustrations and cartoons bloomed ever since. 

She took inspiration from the cartoon she watched and at a young age, she had her heart set to become an illustrator. 

But what family doesn’t want their daughter to have a stable career? So Lyn-Hui, like many aspiring illustrators, took up graphic design.

Still, she never stopped drawing her cartoons and illustrations. You can see her work for yourself on her Instagram.

Art vs Artist by Lyn-Hui.

If her name sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because you watch Stranger Things.

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When asked what’s the app she uses to draw and sketch in her free time and what app a beginner should try if they want to take up digital art, her answer is the same:

Use Procreate. It is a one-time pay app, and it has everything. I’m a perfectionist so drawing on an iPad with an Apple Pencil and Procreate fits my style. 

If you are just starting, or want to learn how to do digital illustrations, Procreate is the app I’d recommend.

Lyn-Hui Ong

You can also create a time-lapse animation of your illustration and even work in 3D with Procreate.

The Photographer

Yik Keat, also known as YK.

You probably can’t guess by looking at his work on Instagram, that this Singapore-based Perakian originally studied aeronautics. 

Lee Yik Keat is a master of perspective and visual storytelling and his skills were self-taught. 

When Yik Keat started to share his work on social media, he embraced the medium and was all about using photos and words, to tell more about what he wanted to convey. 

Although he does use professional gear, the camera that is most often by his side is an iPhone. Sometimes, on his off days, Yik Keat likes to shoot on disposable film cameras.

It’s all about angels and perspective. Remember how the world looked like when you were a kid? Everything looks so big. Children see the world from a different angle and perspective.

Lee Yik Keat.

The proof is in the pudding, some of his best work is anything but shots taken from eye level. 

In addition to viewing the world differently to find that great shot, Yik Keat advises beginners to do some post-processing. That means editing your photos after taking them. 

For those who just started mobile photography, perhaps as a hobby, he recommends VSCO, a staple of mobile photographers; professionals and influencers. 

If you want to do photos and videos, try Prequel. The features and effects of this app lean more towards creating content for posting on social networks. If that’s your thing, try it.

However, for natural and professional-looking photos, there’s Lightroom. It is not as easy as using filters, however, with a little practice, you’ll have more control over the result, and best of all, it’s free. 

More Apps & Regional Artists

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